Hello St George!

At long last, we expect to open our new St George bakery in October! Look for news about the exact date and grand opening events here or on Facebook.

Our new address, on the corner of 3000 E and Crimson Ridge Drive:

3392 S 3000 E Suite A102
St George, UT 84790

7 thoughts on “Hello St George!”

    • Hi Amanda,
      We will be hiring soon and will post job announcements within the next few weeks. I will try to remember to send you an email when we do.
      Thanks for inquiring,

    • Thank you for your interest. A position has now been posted to the jobs page. Assuming no changes in the building schedule, we anticipate new hires starting the first week of November.

  1. Hello! I am Interested in working, and was wondering if that reply about the last comment talking about hiring is still accurate?

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